The Legacy Flag was born out of a failed nueroscientist/dentist. I was a poor student with a lot of hobbies, studying nueroscience with an emphasis in primate behavior, prepping dental school applications and managing a data entry lab with a newborn sure was busy! I find the the less free time I have the more I do with it.

I started woodworking and refurnishing our crumby apartment (always loved interior design and home decor)  I thought a wood flag would look amazing. I first put up the listing

The demand for tasteful americana was shocking! I was able to get immediate exposure to my work and within 2 month I was full time busy. I have had customers who have had or known families where their father passed away in the line of duty. I am able to donate a Legacy Flag to a charity auction benefit. Raising money for their firefighter/Police officer/military families with my product is the best feeling in the world.